Barb's Journey in Jesus - From Darkness to Light

Saturday, April 24, 2021

My personal testimony of my journey searching for the meaning of life, led me to find the love of my life, Jesus Christ! Jesus not only became my life's meaning and song, He is my healer, teacher and constant companion. Jesus' Hebrew name, Yeshua, means salvation. God is a Holy God and our sin separates us from Him, however, when we ask Jesus to be Lord of our lives, he forgives us for all of our sins and gives us new life in Him! He became sin for us so that we can know God. L'chaim - to Life!

My dad and two aunts were Jewish but we knew little about our Jewish ancestry other than most of my grandfather's family died in the holocaust in WW2. My dad was very angry about that and he did not have peace. As a believer is Yeshua, I forgave those who killed my Jewish family because Yeshua forgave me all my sins. Even though this evil happened to my family, I am free and I can leave judgement in God's hands.

I am now in a process of understanding the Church's Jewish Roots. Even though I had this Jewish heritage, I knew little about the Jewishness of the Bible. My eyes were opened again and now I am seeing the Bible with new eyes of understanding. The Church is really the full expression of the Body of Yeshua, Jew and Gentile believers together. True unity cannot be accomplished until we come to this understanding and as we work towards this.

It is my hope that these testimonies will help you discover Jesus for your life and that you also discover Him as Yeshua!