Testimony Tips

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Giving a Testimony

Why should we give a testimony?

A personal testimony is a public account of what God is doing in your life.  It gives a listener the opportunity to see how your life events and actions have shaped you into the person you now are.  A good testimony makes Yeshua (Jesus) the hero, and does not glorify your life.  It shows the world what God can do for those who believe in Him and surrender their lives to His will.  A testimony should bring clarity to the gospel message and has the power to impact and benefit another person's life.  As believers, we should always be ready to share our testimony, and is something we should be prepared to do anytime.   

Things to consider before giving the testimony.

Instead of focusing on the darkness of the past, focus on the new life you have in knowing Yeshua and what He has done for you. Talk about what Yeshua saved you from, but also focus on what He saved you for!

How to enhance your testimony.

The video of your testimony can be edited afterwards that can enhance the message you are presenting.  It is helpful to think of this ahead of time and before the taping of your testimony.

  • Provide a photo of yourself. A photo in the introduction that provides your name can be added to the beginning of the video prior to your presentation. Your full name and a title can be added to this area.
  • Special photos of events, places, people, or travel that impacted your life may be a part of your story. For example: If a certain trip to Israel, a special friend, or a worship event impacted your decision to follow Yeshua, a picture can be incorporated into your video as you speak of the event.  
  • If there is some powerful scripture that spoke to you, this can be added to your testimony as a subtitle, or a nice visual.  
  • Music that impacted your life and walk with Yeshua may be incorporated into the video.
  • If there are special resources or books that you wish to share with others, it can be listed at the end to benefit others.

The FIVE minute testimony.

A good testimony is often divided into 3 parts.


How was your life before Yeshua?  

Acts 26:4-11 - Paul uses this formula to describe his conversion

Descriptive words are helpful to use to describe your life without Yeshua. 

How did you feel?  Were you alone, lost, angry, selfish, guilty, hurting?


How you came to know Yeshua.

Acts 26:12-18

Explain why you felt convicted of your sin and decided to turn your life over to Yeshua as your Saviour.  How did the Word of God become alive and relevant to your life?  What experience did you have that demonstrated that Yeshua is true?


Explain how God is teaching and helping you?  What has happened since your conversion?  What situations has God helped you through?

Acts 26:19-23

What changes have happened in your life?  Do you now long to serve at your church?  Have you given your time and life to use your gifts to serve and build God's kingdom?  Do you feel 'set apart' as you embrace God's word and incorporate His ways into your life?   What scriptures are speaking to you right now?