Yolanda McEwen

Saturday, June 26, 2021

His answer to a thirsty and hungry heart!

Many times during my live I have been feeling hungry and thirsty for more of HIM! Those times have brought me more of His Word, worship, and books, and great friends that help me to be closer to my Lord!

However, this time it has been different. My hunger and thirst are drawing me to be one with Christ. Especially who we are in Him, and what He wants each one of us to achieve. When I was in Columbia, I helped homeless seniors. I also helped low-income families that were infected with HIV. Here in Canada, I have had the privilege of helping homeless with addictions. All this makes my heart overflow with joy!

Today, my work around HIM is still very important; however, more and more He is requesting us to seek who He is. And the best that He has planned for each of us if we will accept. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. He enjoys talking with each one of us and providing us with guidance. We must remember to claim back everything the enemy has stolen from us because we have the power and authority!!!

So, my invitation is ... Make the enemy to repay what he has stolen in your life! God gave us LIFE abundantly! So let's do it!

I was born in Columbia, South Africa. I Immigrated to Canada in 2005 with my two kids. I am a dentist and Public Health Manager by profession. However, today, I spend my time helping homeless people in Victoria, BC, and enjoy spreading the Word of the Lord. This is what I truly enjoy!